French as a Foreign Language (FLE): the FLE Department at EPF ESTP is awarded renewal of its FLE Quality label

Mis à jour le 18/02/2022
The FLE Department at EPF ESTP is pleased to announce that its FLE Quality label has been renewed for a duration of four years, with the highest possible grade of 15 stars for all categories of evaluation.

An official guarantee of quality

The FLE Quality label is the result of a quality assurance process launched by three French ministries:

  • The Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation
  • The Ministry for Culture and Communication
  • The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

This label is a pledge of quality and excellence for the French language training offered by the French Department at EPF and ESTP, two engineering schools that have been partners since 2009.


Five quality criteria analysed by experts

France Éducation International, a public institution specialised in languages, performed an audit of EPF from 15 to 18 November 2021. After analysing over 600 documents, the auditors visited the campus to see the premises and attend classes on 18 November.

France Éducation International investigated five criteria to renew the label:

  • Training, teaching

This criterion indicates that EPF meets students’ demands and offers classes in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. (CEFR).

  • Teachers

The FLE teachers at EPF and ESTP guarantee the excellence of courses through their qualifications and skills.

  • Welcome, support

EPF welcomes and supports learners throughout their entire time at the school by offering administrative assistance, accommodation assistance and activities, not just classes.

  • Premises, facilities

The premises satisfy the needs and comfort of students and respect all safety norms in force.

  • Management

This criterion guarantees that the school is committed to respecting administrative protocols and its legal obligations.

Thanks to the efforts of the administrative and teaching teams, as well as their daily work to develop an excellent FLE Department, EPF in partnership with ESTP obtained the highest possible grade of three stars in all five areas.

The school will therefore retain its position in the prestigious network of FLE centres with the FLE Quality label until 2025.