Summer at FLE: a look back at 9 intensive weeks in French

Mis à jour le 06/01/2023
Just like every summer, the EPF-ESTP department of French as a Foreign Language welcomed young engineers from all over the world to improve their level in French for several weeks, between July 4 and September 2.
Fle d'été 2022 EPF-ESTP

Numbering 75 this summer, they have, in addition to learning French and the scientific language, discovered the richness of French heritage through visits and film workshops.

To complete their program, the international engineers followed a series of scientific conferences "IPCC: findings, reflections and solutions". 10 speakers addressed a number of themes: smart cities, environmental solutions, eco-design in building materials, the maritime transport of tomorrow, regional planning under the prism of climate change and more.

  • "IPCC 2022 - Paris agreement, solutions in building and real estate." by Gwenael JAN, engineer, trainer and advisor at G-ON;
  • "The preservation of the Parc de Chantilly" by Daisy Copeaux, Director of forestry and buildings at the Château de Chantilly;
  • "From credibility to capital: how does the Efficient Solution label accelerate the adoption of sustainable innovations?"  by Elliot CARRUTHERS, Senior Innovation Relations Officer for the Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation;
  • "Vernacular architecture or the origins of bioclimatic buildings" by Étienne FAMIN, architect and professor at EPF;
  • "Sobriety and energy sobriety" by Vladimir ZIEGER, engineer trained in materials for innovation and sustainability;
  • "Eco-friendly shipping" by Stefan Gallard, Marketing Director of Grain de Sail;
  • "Eco-designed materials" by Maroua MAAROUFI, teacher-researcher and co-head of the major Sustainable Materials & Structures at EPF;
  • "Smart Building and its environmental challenges" by Mathieu FROGER, engineering consultant at Builders & Partners;
  • "Urban planning, mobility and energy transition" by Jean-Pierre GYEJACQUOT, Director General of the TCAT (Public transport in Troyes);

A big thank you to our speakers for their inspiring work with the students!

FLE d'été 2022 EPF-ESTP


Save the date! The 2023 session will take place from 3 July to 18 August 2023 and will have as its theme "The 2024 Olympic Games are built on engineering"!

Thanks to Magali BOUTIOT, Head of the French as a Foreign Language Department and Pierre JIANG, pedagogical coordinator for the photos!


FLE d'été EPF-ESTP au Château de Chantilly