Cachan : A new Parisian campus for EPF Graduate School of engineering.

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

EPF will be settling into the iconic Alembert Building, with its move to Cachan scheduled for January 2022. There it will enjoy the benefit of a brand new campus that is much larger than that in Sceaux.

This change comes as part of the school's desire to expand, improving studying conditions for engineering students and offering them new perspectives in terms of technological tools and student life. The works are expected to last one year, so that students can start their classes on the new campus in January 2022.

A project that reflects the values of EPF

"This project is based on shared values and draws on the best of the School’s cultural capital to serve the general interest of the nation," said Jean-Michel Nicolle, EPF Dean.

"It is totally consistent with the three key values of EPF, which are Innovation, Audacity and Commitment. It will help to forge the identity of EPF engineers and structure the organization that trains them," he continued.

Large-scale work began in the second half of 2020 to fully rehabilitate the 16,000-square-metre building, spread over five floors. The brand-new building will meet all new safety, accessibility, and environmental standards.  

The EPF Campus in Cachan was designed with the students in mind and has all the necessary facilities in the immediate vicinity.  Even closer to Paris, the Cachan site is a short walk from an RER station served by Line B that connects it to Paris in around 15 minutes. Many bus routes also allow students to get to the campus.

New centre for excellence and teaching

EPF will share the student campus with other major schools, such as ECAM-EPMI and AIVANCITY, to form a centre for excellence and teaching and to foster contacts between the students.  Laboratories with state-of-the-art technological equipment are planned to meet the demands of today’s workplace.

The range of food outlets and accommodation will be enhanced, as a university restaurant will be made available to students directly on campus.  

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