EPF names two referents for handicap

Mis à jour le 03/02/2022
Creation of a disability committee: always committed to disability-related issues, the EPF already had a contact person for all of its campuses, and every year conducts dedicated awareness and support events.

Since September, the school has gone further with the creation of a disability committee headed by Thomas Provot, teacher-researcher and Irina Anelok, educational engineer.

With this new dedicated unit, the EPF has the ambition to carry out broader actions in terms of supporting students with disabilities, to continue raising awareness among future engineers but also to develop relationships with companies on this subject. thematic.

Supporting students

The first objective of setting up the committee is to provide the best possible support for students with disabilities throughout their student life at EPF, both in educational and practical matters. This mission is for Irina Anelok, who takes care of relations with the students throughout the year.

“The existence of this unit is essential for our students with disabilities. I see my role as a link between the school and the students, in addition to informing them, it is sometimes necessary to put in place specific arrangements or to provide them with support in their professional integration.” - Irina Anelok Disability referent and pedagogical engineer

In addition to supporting our students, Thomas Provot creates relationships with companies, already involved in school events.

Pursuing the development of industrial partnerships gives the EPF the opportunity to work with professionals who develop work related to disability, to obtain financial support for students and to be supported during interventions on dedicated events. In addition to their support in terms of awareness, companies also provide internships and jobs for our students with disabilities.

Making all students aware of the issue of disability is part of the school's missions with the aim of training responsible and committed engineers.

The disability committee will therefore continue its communication actions such as the Innov'Handicap Challenge, educational actions, projects designed through disability and research actions.