Kenya: new possibility for EPF students

Mis à jour le 03/02/2022
EPF is well knwon by the exchange possibilities it offers its students, allowing them to promote rich and original experiences in their course.

It is in Africa that the adventure continues, with the signing of two new partnerships in Kenya with Strathmore University and Technical University in Nairobi.
These agreements gives EPF students the opportunity to go from the 4th year to Nairobi as part of a university exchange.

Strathmore University offers a wide choice of Master of Science degrees in various fields from data science to sustainables energies. Nairobi Technical University has a department dedicated to applied science and technology.



Africa is a continent of the future which opens up great opportunities for engineering students who choose an exchange in one of the countries that have an agreement with the EPF.

The EPF’s International Development Department is working hard to always offer new destinations to students, allowing them to get an international experience, highly appreciated by companies.

These two new agreements were signed as part of a mission with a delegation of French schools and Campus France, in the presence of deputy director Thierry Valentin.