EPF Engineering School, awarded label of Best School Experience 2024 by Speak & Act

Mis à jour le 17/06/2024
Ranking Speak & Act best school experience

Best School Experience Ranking – Speak & Act’s Happiness Barometer


Speak & Act awards labels to companies and schools that offer the best employee, intern, candidate and student experience, to guide students and candidates towards the right employer and the right school. The ranking and label ‘Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer’ identifies the schools preferred by students and singles out those offering the best student experience. It is based exclusively on the opinions of students collected through an anonymous questionnaire, guaranteeing its impartial and independent nature. Students studying in the 2023 academic year rated their level of satisfaction on a range of criteria, such as academic excellence, quality of facilities, student associations, employer recognition and the strength of the alumni network. Find out more about the process on speaknact.fr.

Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer

Méthodologie du classement Speak & Act


EPF is awarded the label of Best School Experience - Happiness Barometer 2024 by Speak & Act in collaboration with JobTeaser, with an overall score of 3.9/5.

EPF Engineering School features in the Best School Experience – Happiness Barometer 2024 ranking, thanks to the opinions of students

  • 10th most popular engineering school among students

Key figures from the survey:

  • Our students consider the school’s facilities to be of high quality, with an 86% satisfaction rate. 
  • Our students consider the quality of our student associations to be one of our strengths with a satisfaction rate of 82%.
  • Our students feel that the school offers many internship and/or work-study opportunities with a satisfaction rate of 77%. .