Anti-harassment plan : a new step forward

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

EPF Graduate School of Engineering is committed to the fight against gender-based and sexual violence on its three campuses with the nomination and training of referents for students and staff members.

Prevent and raise awareness: these are the first two missions carried out by the EPF to take concrete action against gender-based and sexual violence as well as harassment.

The school has launched a call for applications from among its staff in order to nominate referents capable of carrying out preventive actions but also of hearing the voices of victims and witnesses and of providing them with the best possible support.

The Quali social organization was approached and a psychologist-trainer trained all the referents for a full day in order to guide and inform employees and students about cases of violence and harassment.

During this training day, the referents and directors of the three campuses had the opportunity to:

• Understand what moral harassment, sexual harassment and sexism are (definitions, legal framework and impacts)

• Knowing how to identify a harassment situation

•Identify the essential elements of prevention

• Know how to welcome a presumed victim and a witness

Permanent teachers and EPF students will also be  trained during a half-day as part of the integration week next September.

As a reminder, the harassment referents are:

Paris-Cachan campus

Lucie Defossez Khaled Sahli

Magali Boutiot

Troyes campus

Margaux De Biasio Vincent Basecq

Montpellier campus

Marie-Pierre Manzanares Liliane Dorveaux

Pridemonth 2021

The EPF is also committed to preventing harassment of the LGBTQI A+ community. Stefan Seiler ( is referent for all matters relating to harassment and prevention.

The month of June has been recognized as Pride Month and the EPF was happy to participate and reaffirm its support for the entire LGBTQIA + community.

A display was produced and broadcast on all screens of the school's campuses.