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Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

International students started their academic year on Thursday August 27th at EPF and here’s a summary of this international team-building event.

On Thursday August 27th, international students started the year in Sceaux, well supported by EPF’s international department.

This was an opportunity for the students to discover the premises they will be staying in during the semester and for some of them, for several years!

Each year, the school dedicates an entire day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to the integration of foreign students. This day is an opportunity for them to discover the campus as well as to meet other exchange students and learn a little more about how EPF works.

Students from all over the world including Belgium, the United States, China, Cameroon, Morocco, Estonia, Germany and even Uzbekistan came for an exchange semester, a dual degree course or an academic partnership. Depending on their background and to ensure full immersion, students may choose to study in English or French.

"I chose to join EPF because my school in Belgium did not offer any training with a commercial aspect. This is why I chose to integrate the Engineering & Management Major. I also like being in a school near Paris. This made me choose France "- Laurent LAGUESSE Belgian student in the Engineering & Management Major enrolled in an exchange semester on the Sceaux campus

Discovering and team-building: a busy program to start the year!

The day began with a welcome breakfast, followed by an introduction to the school and semester courses. A presentation of the weekly FLE (French as a Foreign Language) classes offered by the school as well as campus life was also made to students.

The students were able to take note of administrative procedures, attend a course on EPF’s digital tools and meet the heads of the various majors in order to choose their courses.

The ESN Sceaux association in charge of welcoming international students and promoting international mobility contributed to making this day enjoyable. Cohesion activities were planned throughout the afternoon and a barbecue was organized at noon for a gathering between all the students and EPF’s International Relations department.

"It is important for us that international students can fully integrate and meet French students. We have planned to organize several events throughout the year including a trip to the Mont Saint Michel "- Josefina ROMERO President of the ESN Sceaux association

We hope they enjoy their year at EPF!


Sophie Telliez

Coordinateur Erasmus

Responsable Adjointe du Département International



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