French astronaut Michel TOGNINI’s visit to EPF Troyes

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

On March 13th, Michel TOGNINI, a French astronaut from the European Space Agency, paid a visit to students, research engineers and teachers-researchers from the Troyes Campus. This was a key moment to exchange over scientific and technological practices.

Meeting Michel TOGNINI

Michel TOGNINI, a French astronaut from the European Space Agency was born in 1949 and graduated as an engineer from the French Air Force Academy in Salon-de-Provencein 1973.

After a career as a fighter pilot, he was selected in 1985 as an astronaut by the CNES (French space agency). He joined the Antarès mission in 1992 and carried out Franco-Soviet experiences for 14 days on board the international MIR space station.

A presentation on measurement of thermal comfort by a thermo-physiological simulator (thermal manikin) contributed to enriching the debates.

This was also an opportunity to exchange on projects carried out by the students from the Building & Eco-cities Major and notably a renovation project of a Troyes secondary school in collaboration with 10-year old pupils who will be attending the school shortly, said the French astronaut.

The Troyes Campus would like to thank Mr. Michel TOGNINI for his time and these debates.