EPF VIRTUAL TECH CAMP 2021 | EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs




The Tech Camp is an exciting and intensive five-day virtual journey through the latest innovations in engineering and engineering sciences in France, presented through the EPF Graduate School of Engineering  perspective.

Comprehensive and compelling, the second edition of Tech Camp brings together various engineering fields and explains how to acquire the hard and soft skills to become an exquisite and innovative engineering professional.

We invite worldwide bachelor and master degree students and  also students at the end of their secondary level studies who want to continue their studies in the field of engineering in France or those who are just curious, to join us for five days of science, innovation, and fun.

The program will provide presentations and talks covering two main themes:

1. Engineering and innovation: For most of the program, the presentations will cover engineering fields from aeronautics to digital technology and digital data,  from systems management to sustainable engineering, and much more. The research and innovation projects will be highlighted and discussed by our researchers, professors, and students.

2. Soft skills and their importance for the global engineering professional acquired through study abroad programs and innovative teaching methodologies.

The program is complemented by short, enjoyable talks about French language and culture and what it is like to be a student in France.

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DATES: June 28 to July 2nd, 2021


All lectures will be taught in English.

The complementary videos will be in English or in French with English subtitles.

Virtual Tech Camp program

June 28, 2021

  • Opening session: EPF : A Unique Learning Experience in France - A Model of Diversity

Speaker: Jean-Michel Nicolle, Managing Director of EPF Graduate School of Engineering 

Language: English


  • Project-oriented Education: From Engineering School to Engineering Jobs

Speaker: Odile Tissier, Deputy Head of Studies and Head of Aeronautics and Space Specialisation EPF Graduate School of Engineering - Sceaux  Campus

Language : English



  • New Material Design for Lighter Cars

Speaker : Cedric Zaccardi, Associate Professor, Co-Head of the Master Program Structures and Matrerials at EPF Graduate School of Engineering - Sceaux  Campus

Language : English


June 29, 2021

  • How to Influence Clients Through the Digital Marketing

Speaker : François Nicolle, Associate Professor and Researcher at ICD Business School Paris

Language: English


  • Brain-Computer Interfaces : Science & Technology

Speaker : Antoine Gaume, Associate Professor, Co-Head of the Master Program Engineering     and Digital Technologies at EPF Graduate School of Engineering- Sceaux Campus

Language: English


  • 3D Printing Technologies and Trends

Speaker : Julien Gardan, Associate Professor, Head of the Master Program Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship at EPF Graduate School of Engineering – Troyes

Campus  Language : English   


3D printing


June 30, 2021

  • Becoming an International Student at EPF Graduate School of Engineering : Academic Programs Taught in English.

Speaker : Stefan Seiler, Director for Global Engagement at EPF Graduate School of Engineering 

 Language : English


  • France and Paris : A Remarkable Historic Cultural Heritage

Speaker : Delphine Morey, Associate Professor for French Studies at EPF Graduate School of Engineering – Sceaux Campus

Language : English


July 1, 2021

  • Energy and Environment

 The lecture title and speaker will be announced soon.

Language : English


  • Sustainable Buildings and Cities for the Future

Speaker : Dana Oprisan and Omar Saifouni, Co-Heads of the Master Program Sustainable Architectural Engineering at EPF Graduate School of Engineering – Troyes Campus

Language : English


  • Full-scale monitored test Cell BBC+ : An experimental tool for energy performance assessment of buildings

Speaker: Abdelatif Merabtine, Associate Professor at EPF Graduate School of Engineering,Energy Performance in Buildings


July 2, 2021

  • Enhance Your Online Learning Using Effective and Proven Methods – Tools and Tipps for Online Learning

Speakers : Diana Griffouillères, Head of the Digital Learning and Innovation Departments and Irina Anelok, Academic Affairs Manager at EPF Graduate School of Engineering   


  • Engineering and Health

Speakers : Maxime Bourgain Co-Head of the Master Program of Engineering and Health at EPF Graduate School of Engineering – Sceaux Campus and Max Petetin, Student in Biomédical Engineering, EPF Graduate School of Engineering - Georgia Tech Atlanta  Dual Degree Program

Language : English

*The exact time for the presentations will be provided at a date closer to the event.

   The presentation titles are subject of possible minor changes.


Lectures hours are 9 am and 4 pm (Central European Time).

This will correspond to:

3 am and 10 am A.M in New York (EST)

8 am and 2 pm  in London (BST)

3 pm and  10 pm in Beijing (CST)

The day programs recorded materials will be available for the participants located in the areas where participation in the live event is not possible due to time differences.

Certificate of attendance

For all participants who will attend all lectures and the entire program, EPF can provide a certificate of attendance on demand.

Practical information

Application and fees

The program fee is: 50 EU

Application deadline

June 23, 2021