ESN Sceaux: an association dedicated to welcome international students

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Each year, EPF admits over than 15% international students from partner universities for one to 4 semesters. ESN is a student association in charge of welcoming international students and promoting international mobility.

Throughout the year, ESN Sceaux organizes events for international students in order to integrate them into school and support them in their life in France.

Emma DUPONT, engineering student and president of the ESN Sceaux, talks to us about the role and missions of this organization.

What are the missions of ESN Sceaux?

ESN Sceaux is a member of the international organization Erasmus Student Network. We support international students: we welcome them and help them to settle into school, French culture and lifestyle.

How do you contact and welcome international students?

There are two arrivals of international students at the EPF: one in august, before the official start of the academic year and the other one in January for the second semester.

EPF school gives us the list of new international students to contact them. We also create a discussion group, only for students, to stay in touch with everyone and plan events.  

What are your main events?

The integration weeks are our main events. It occurs twice a year: once, in august and once in January.

In august, we organize an integration week dedicated to our international students, just before the official one. Last year, we visited Paris and booked a barge tour. Each integration week is tailor-made: we like to adapt our program to their wishes. It is a great opportunity to get together and to know each other before the official start of the school year.

We also help them with administrative details: travel card, accommodation, and administrative documents. We are here for them all over the year to support them and answer their questions.

What are your goals and projects for the next year?

We would like to :

  • improve our communication, be more active on our social media, and make ourselves better known to EPF students
  • organize events in collaboration with other EPF associations, like Oenology EPF
  • plan events most often, ideally once a month: attending a play, visiting a museum, discovering a monument, etc
  • get closer to others ESN organizations

How can we follow and contact you?

You can contact us at: and follow us on our Facebook and our Instagram.