Mr. Wang, Director General of Chengdu University, visits EPF’s Cachan Campus

Mis à jour le 20/12/2023
On August 25, Mr. Wang Qingyuan, Director General of Chengdu University, visited EPF's Cachan campus to explore the facilities and strengthen collaboration between the two institutions.
Directeur général de l'université de Chengdu

Since signing a partnership agreement in March 2023, EPF and Chengdu University (CDU) have been cooperating on research projects and publications, and are committed to facilitating student exchanges between France and China.

During his visit, Mr. Wang had the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art facilities, including Techlabs as well as laboratories dedicated to physics, mechanics and electricity. He met with Khaled Sahli, Head of Laboratories and Thomas Lisembard, laboratory technician. With a PhD. from Paris Saclay, Mr. Wang demonstrated his understanding of technical terms in French, avoiding the need for translation.

Les équipes des labos et le Directeur Général de université de Chengdu


Anabelle Gomes, Director of Human Resources at EPF, warmly welcomed Mr. Wang to the campus.

On several occasions, Mr. Wang expressed his gratitude for the hospitality accorded by the Human Resources Department and the commitment of his colleagues from the Direction for International Development (DDI), namely Xixi Wang and Pierre Jiang.

les équipes de l'Epf et M. Wang


Mr. Wang outlined the highlights of Chengdu University, and detailed the transformation of its campus into an Olympic Village during the 2023 World University Games. He generously offered several mascots from the event to EPF staff.

Mr. Wang Qingyuan's visit was marked by fruitful exchanges, a warm welcome and prospects for enhanced cooperation between EPF and Chengdu University.


About Chengdu University 

Founded in 1978, Chengdu University (CDU) is among the first comprehensive higher education institutions in China to be sponsored by local cities. It enjoys the status of a key university in the province of Sichuan and the city of Chengdu, and is among the top 10 young universities in mainland China. In addition, it hosted the Athletes' Village for the 31st FISU World University Games.

The history of the CDU is marked by several mergers, dating back to the establishment of the Sichnuan Selective Teacher Training Academy in 1906, the Sichuan Province Teacher Training Academy in 1911, and the Shengxiu Hospital, the predecessor of the CDU Affiliated Hospital, in 1901.

The CDU offers 72 bachelor's and 25 master's programs in 10 disciplines, including arts, literature, management, education, law, economics, engineering, medicine, science and agriculture.
The CDU also offers post-doctoral programs. Three disciplines – Clinical & Health, Engineering and Chemistry – have reached global rankings. A total of eight CDU disciplines have been listed in THE's 2023 Subject rankings in China.

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