Back to school for Techies: an active approach to teaching to boost the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

Mis à jour le 11/01/2023
Forty students applied to Mahdi Chemkhi, head of the FabAdd platform (Research) and the TechLab (Training) of the Troyes campus, in the hope of joining the "Techies" team.
Rentrée des Techies sur le campus de Troyes

The "Techies" are engineering students who learn how to use TechLab equipment, who learn about good usage practices and access conditions in order to assist other students with the handling of machines and to find solutions to their problems.

"The presence of the TechLab at EPF is a real advantage for our students since it places innovation, creation and entrepreneurship at the heart of training. The use of the TechLab is truly complementary to their theoretical training because it allows for access to the different machines, thus allowing them to strengthen their commitment to the various projects of their curriculum,” says Mahdi Chemkhi.

Fifteen lucky students were selected. They were invited to a training session to help them understand their role and the functionalities of the different machines. These machines are used for prototyping and additive manufacturing for 3D printing.


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Rentrée des Techies - Campus EPF de Troyes