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Beyond the scientific and technical skills that are acquired during their studies, it is essential for EPF's engineers to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to evolve in the professional world. Thus, cross-curricular elective courses such as theater, leadership or audiovisual media are offered to students in their third year in order to develop these soft skills.


Digital technology has been gradually transforming society. All sectors of activity have been subject to mutations whether it is through the uses of digital technologies or our face-to-face relationships. The education sector is not an exception to the rule. We have been experiencing a significant change in the teaching profession, which is no longer the only repository of knowledge.


Since the early 1990s, UNITED coordinates every year around the 21st of March the European Action Week Against Racism. This year it took place from the 17th to the 25th of March under the slogan “Diversity – never enough!” Universities, schools, and a wide variety of different organizations carry out hundreds of activities all around Europe in order to bring an end to racism, discrimination and antisemitism. EPF students, and various student associations have chosen to raise awareness within the school by encouraging moments of conviviality and dialogue.


Having an experience abroad is always valuable. It builds character, helps acquire new skills and most of all, can help boost a career.


INWES - International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists - is a network of 60 different countries and an official NGO partner of UNESCO. Liliane DORVEAUX, deputy director at the EPF Montpellier Campus, has been appointed Vice-President, Enterprises and Industry.


Early November, the EPF Troyes campus received successively two Chinese delegations, including Ms. SHI Chunlin, EPF representative in China, accompanied by Grand Master Buddhist ZHONG Guan and her assistant in order to attend a presentation about the School.