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Relationships are growing with India and Kazakhstan: INWES, Global Week, 7th International Workshop ... new agreements with EPF are emerging.


By strengthening its links with international schools, EPF is developing its network, gaining visibility among foreign students and enriching its academic courses offer. Summary of the latest missions in Czech Republic and Ghana.


Recently, we had the great pleasure of welcoming Mónica Alicia Santilli within our establishment. She is an Argentinian professor among many other things, who teaches technical English at the national university of northwestern Buenos Aires (UNNOBA) which is also one of the many partners of EPF across the world in the international exchange program. MS Santilli was introduced to EPF throughout the project of mobility program carried out by the ministry of education in Argentina.  

Prints in 3D 3D EPF Troyes and Canada

At the cutting edge of 3D printing in France, EPF multiplies partnerships with companies. Students from EPF just made a custom helmet for a Canadian child and an orthosis for a patient in France.

Marie-Anne Clair, EPF 1982, à la tête du CNES de Toulouse - Photo CNES

Marie-Anne Clair, who graduated from the EPF in 1982, was appointed Director of Orbital Systems of the CNES in Toulouse (France), the French Space Agency, in January 2017.

Parraiange de la P2019 par GE France

The 471 EPF' students and apprentices in the first year of the engineering cycle got to meet their sponsor, Corinne de Bilbao, for their sponsorship ceremony on 16 December.