EPF at the conference on Research and Education in Aircraft Design

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Since 1994 and every two years, the conference on Research and Education in Aircraft Design becomes an essential event to exchange on advances in the aerospace engineering research.

On this occasion, Odile TISSIER, Head of studies for the Aeronautics & Space Major, attended the 13th edition of the conference in Brno in the Czech Republic in November. During this seminar, Mrs TISSIER delivered a presentation “Project-oriented education from engineering school to engineering jobs”. She was given an opportunity to spotlight EPF’s innovative teaching project and notably the major’s drone project.

Approximately 60 participants essentially from Central Europe gathered to exchange. Amongst them, there were only two participants from Western Europe, including one Swedish representative and one French representative (Odile TISSIER). This convention was not only addressed to teachers from the field, but quite the opposite, as three half-days were dedicated to student presentations leading to several awards in the following subjects :

  • aerodynamics and flight mechanics
  • aircraft design
  • aircraft and safety systems

To close the seminar, participants were given the opportunity to visit the General Electric Aviation site in Prague, which is in charge of developing new generation engines :

  • They visited the instruments integration laboratories for engine tests and the engine test benches.

Mrs TISSIER’s participation helped increase EPF Engineering School’s popularity at a European level in the Aeronautic and Space sector.