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EPF took part in the Innovation Days in Turkey

Publié le 12/05/2016
Julien Gardan à Ankara

The EPF took part through the network n + i in the "Innovation Days" in Ankara (Turkey) on 4 and 5 May. This event was dedicated to young entrepreneurs, start-ups creators and of course students.

Julien Gardan, head of the Master of Science « Innovation, Creation & Entrpreneurship », was there to inform students on this innovative program dedicated to entrepreneurship.

France was in the spotlight this year in Ankara as a partner country of the TIM (Turkish Exporters Association) and DAIB (Association of Central Anatolia Exporters). The president of the Association of Turkish exporters, the Ambassador to France Charles Fries and the Minister of Economy Mustafa elitas opened the first day to an audience of several thousand people, mostly  Turkish students.

Some French companies (Thales, Renault, Dassault Systems) and university networks (Campus France, NplusI) were also present.

Conferences on innovation and entrepreneurship were organized, as well as workshops for modeling. The Embassy of France accompanied this travel in order to present all French engineering schools of the n + i network.