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International Students: Welcome at EPF!

Publié le 28/09/2015
International students

As every year in late August, the EPF welcomed 30 foreign students from all around the world, at the EPF Sceaux, for an exchange semester or double degree.

Although breakfast ideas on the terrace, picnic at Parc de Sceaux, or outdoor Photobooth had to be cancelled due to an unpredictable weather, the reception of 27 foreign students by the international department of EPF and the Melting Potes association was very warm!

Coming from Germany, Chile, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, the US, Taiwan or many other countries, international new entrants were able to meet and talk with EPF students during a welcome party on August 27. A way for them to discover the school and its student life!

Through various events organized by Melting Potes (discovery of the capital, Parisian evenings, weekend in Europe), these newcomers are already well integrated into the EPF family.

For most in 5th grade, these students have integrated different specializations: Aeronautics & Space, Industrial and Logistics Engineering, Business Decision Engineering and Environmental or Innovative Engineering. With over 150 partner universities in 46 countries, the EPF offers many exchange opportunities for its students in 4th or 5th grade and is used to receive in France different student’s profiles. Welcoming foreign students each year allows to the EPF to cultivate openness to the world and diversity in teams projects, which are essential for engineers of the future.