Opening of the double degree programme with Georgia Tech

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

On August 22, the first class of the double degree programme between EPF and Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL) began courses on the Lorraine campus of the prestigious American partner.

Elliot Hallais, Thomas Cardoso and Sarah Mauret joined the "Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering" programme and Amaury Desenfants the "Mechanical Engineering" programme.

They will spend two semesters on the Lorraine campus before making their final internship and integrating the renowned Georgia Tech campus in the US for an additional semester.

Thomas gives us his first impressions "The pace started quickly, we have already made homework and the teachers are very available to help us. We are very few per class (10 to 15), which is really good! The campus is pleasant and we have already started to know other students in masters (from other French engineering schools or from Atlanta, Rome, Australia ...)."

This formidable academic and cultural experience will allow them to explore a new country, another university system and, of course, if all goes well, to get 2 diplomas.