Pedagogical and digital innovation at the heart of teaching

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Digital technology has been gradually transforming society. All sectors of activity have been subject to mutations whether it is through the uses of digital technologies or our face-to-face relationships. The education sector is not an exception to the rule. We have been experiencing a significant change in the teaching profession, which is no longer the only repository of knowledge.

EPF wants to be at the heart of this transformation and even wants to become a pilot school for the use of digital technology in its learning practices. To support these changes, last September it created a Pedagogical and Numeric Innovation Cell (IPN). Several challenges inspired this project:

  • The involvement of digital technology in the students’ training.
  • The creation of a supportive work environment with new communication tools and new workspaces.
  • The development of innovative teaching tools for learning.

This think tank is composed of teachers, researchers and educational leaders who will work together with volunteering students who have manifested their desire to take part in this promising adventure. This unit will offer on all three campuses from March to June, training for all teachers on:

  • The skills approach
  • The design of training modules on a blended learning model
  • The production of innovative educational content
  • The ePortfolio approach through which the student is able to manage the work done during the training and produce a personal reflection on the learning process.

The short term goal is for all EPF teachers to be trained to these new pedagogies, and by next year, for a majority of the 1st year courses to be delivered in accordance with an innovative model of mixed pedagogy, combining e-learning and active "face-to-face" sessions.

In order to publicize the work of the educational and digital innovation Unit of the school, an "iLearn" website is being developed and will soon be available at