What a great experience! - Karl, German Student at EPF

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Karl is a German Student who came to study for one semester at EPF.

"As a student of the Beuth Hochschule Berlin I attended the last semester in an Erasmus exchange program at the EPF Graduate School of Engineering. I clearly have to say that the last semester at the EPF was just great in all possible ways.

The quality of the courses and the professors coming from all major companies and institutions like Dassault Aviation and the French space agency CNES, and also the projects of designing a drone and a launcher for satellites helped deepen the comprehension of the technology and the physical principles.

On the other hand the French welcoming culture and the small sizes of the classes allowed to quickly integrate and to make friends. Personally the numerous student organisations give the EPF a very american like team spirit, which is great.

The staff was also always supportive and the program was well structured and organized. Of course there is also the proximity to Paris which makes the campus in Sceaux so attractive.

I would always go back to the EPF."