7 new student organizations

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Becoming a member of a student organization means engage yourself in the school life, relax, have fun, and express your potential beyond sciences. In September 2015, the school had more than 30 associations in all areas: sports, music, entrepreneurship, technology, solidarity, international, innovation ... In recent months, several students created new associations and clubs on the campus of Troyes and Montpellier.

The new organizations at Troyes

At Troyes, the “Technology Innovation and PHI" organization (TIP) was created by Claire Maillard, in 2nd year. The goal? To discover and to try new trending scientific objects, such as the connected glasses. Another organization, “Operation Jet Lag” was launched by Marie-Odile Mc Keeney, in 2nd year also, to organize WE and trips. A "Foyer Club" was also set up by Simone Elliot, 3A, for development, maintenance, and for the establishment of beverage sales and sweet snacks in the foyer of the campus.

Finally, to better accommodate international students and students with disabilities, Maya Geoffroy, 2A, founded "Agora".
"Agora, gathering place in Latin, is a new club at EPF Troyes. We are 9 students willing to promote diversity at the EPF, working with the Melting Potes organization at EPF Sceaux and Interlink at UTT. We have two main areas: welcoming foreign students and organizing the welfare of disabled students. For the former, we organize their welcome and installation at Troyes and we participate in the exchange of cultures during the year. For students with disabilities, we are targeting their needs when they arrive, and help them in their daily activities or participation in events," said Maya, its president. Their projects in the coming months: organization of a "world cuisine" diner, of 2 trips in Champagne and at the Loire Castles and disability awareness with the Companieros...

At Montpellier

A “Club Foyer” was also opened in Montpellier, with Diane Dumont, 2A, as President. An "Arts Office" was created by Roxane Moraglia, 2A, which is mainly oriented towards drawing and music.

Finally, Lucas Comiti, 1A, launched the organization “Water Tyrants” in order to share his passion and that of his comrades for the sea and sailing, "The aim is to regroup as many people as possible, around activities in connection with the sea and wind." says Lucas. "This year we will be able to practice catamaran, windsurf and cruiser. The catamaran  and windsurfing sessions are addressed to all students regardless of their level. Our next event will take place in early March, around windsurfing and catamaran. Our team is composed of people with much experience in the world of sailing and eager to share their passion."

In total, the EPF has now 38 student organizations on our 3 campuses and it is still growing! Congratulations to the students for their motivation and dynamism.