EPF in India and Kazakhstan

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Relationships are growing with India and Kazakhstan: INWES, Global Week, 7th International Workshop ... new agreements with EPF are emerging.

EPF and India: a promising future

One of Jean-Michel NICOLLE’s - Director of EPF-Graduate School of Engineering - many wishes is to majorly develop the relations of EPF with India. Member of the ABRIC, the current major emerging powers, India, seventh largest country in the world, has become over the years, a strategic country for EPF. Since 2017, Stefan SEILER - head of the International Department and his team have been working tirelessly on the matter.

A current milestone that we are very much proud of, is the fact that EPF has now a permanent representative in India who assists the university in building relationships with institutions and key players in the academic world of this country. In February 2017, Odile TISSIER, Deputy Director of Training programs and Head of the Master Program at EPF, went to UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies) for an exploratory purpose. From this visit, was born the first agreement with an Indian university. In October 2017, Liliane DORVEAUX, Deputy Director of the Campus of Montpellier and Development Officer also went to India in the framework of the annual conference INWES (The International Network of Women Engineers & Scientists) which is held in New Delhi. Through this visit, a new agreement with Shiv Nadar University (SNU) saw the light of day.

Jérémy ROUOT, lecturer-researcher at EPF was also in India from October 30th until November 3rd 2017 as part of the 9th edition of Global Week. Orchestrated by Chitkara University, this event invites teachers from around the world to teach for 3 days within their national universities of India according to their area of ​​expertise; a real opportunity to exchange about best practices or establish links with other counterparts.

These events are an opportunity for our teacher-researchers to become familiar with the Indian market but also to strengthen links with the organizing universities. Out of 9 agreements with Indian universities, 4 have been concluded and 5 are under negotiation.

Research at EPF honored in Kazakhstan

Julia MOUTON, professor-researcher in Environmental matters at EPF, was in Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 2017 as part of the 7th "International Workshop" on Specialty Polymers for Environmental Protection, Oil-Industry, Bio, Nanotechnology and Medicine organized by the "Laboratory of Engineering Profile" of Satbayev University.

As a guest member of the committee, she was able to present her work as part of a plenary conference on the use of polymer materials for the development of sustainable environmental technologies.

"Beyond the scientific opportunity that was given to me and the many professional encounters made during the workshop, I would like to highlight the incredible Kazakh hospitality." Almaty is a city of 1.5 millions inhabitants surrounded by beautiful mountains. I hope dearly to have the opportunity to establish a collaboration with the Laboratory of Engineering Profile of Satbayev University and the Institute of Polymer Materials and Technology, to allow EPF students to discover this country. Collaborative themes were raised during the workshop around materials for the recovery of metallic pollutants but also for the recovery of organic pollutants. "