The positive impact of studying abroad

Mis à jour le 14/10/2021

Having an experience abroad is always valuable. It builds character, helps acquire new skills and most of all, can help boost a career. With an ever evolving employment market, candidates are always seeking for a way for their resume to stand out. Recruiters on the other hand are more than ever paying closely attention to the trajectory of the candidates as they are looking for people that can add value by bringing different experiences and expertise to the table. Theresa Bartlett, an EPF alumni,  is part of those students who decided to take the plunge and add an extra line to her resume by coming to EPF through an exchange program with her home university. Fifteen years later, Theresa stills finds it valuable to share about her experience here at EPF.

Coming to EPF

"My name is Theresa Bartlett, I was part of the graduation class of 2003 of the double diploma program between Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and EPF. I found out about the program at my home university thanks to another student that had already gone through the program and was extolling its merits and to me it sounded more than exciting and interesting to come to France and study”.

It was supposed to be just one semester but I ended up staying a full year. I started with the summer language program which helped a lot for when I attended the actual courses in French in September. I stayed for a year during the third year program, I did the fourth year specialization in aeronautics and space and then I went to the US for my fourth year along with two other students who were French students doing the complementary program. Then I came back for the first half of the 5th year doing again aeronautics and space."

An overall amazing experience

"There were a lot of students who were very nice and helpful to me as I was catching up and learning how things worked here. Classes here are very different than in the US. In the US you have to pick each year the classes you want to take and fight to get in whereas here the program is tailored to the grade in which you are in. I had an overall really great experience here. I learned perseverance most all due to the fact I was learning in a language which wasn't my mother tongue."

It opens doors and builds character

"After EPF I was employed very quickly. My very first Boss when I was interviewing, looked at my resume and he was fascinated by the fact that I had studied in France. The employer understands that coming to a different country and doing classes in a different language says a lot about you as a person and your ability to adapt and learn quickly."

An engineer who is sustainable and versatile

"My very first job was working on the United States space shuttle; and being able to show you're a fast learner, you can pick up on stuff is definitely as important as what you are learning in College. My experience abroad gave an insight to my employer on the type of skills I needed to succeed in studying in a different language. I am still working as an engineer but now I work on hydraulics systems which is a little bit different than my previous job. But in my current job, they didn't want to use me for what I had already knowledge of but because they knew I would be able to pick up something new very quickly based on my background."

I am happy to say that I am an EPF Alumni!