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Students from EPF win the DevoGame Challenge and their tickets to Las Vegas

Publié le 03/01/2017
1er prix du Challenge DevoGame

The TIMEO project, a mobile app designed to help everyone to better consume by measuring the packaging share and the ecological impact of its purchases, won the DevoGame Challenge in December. The 6 EPF engineering students who created TIMEO got to fly to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Schow which took place from 5-8 January 2017!

TIMEO: an eco-responsible application for everyone!

The objective of TIMEO: to consume more responsibly by reducing the share of packaging of our purchases. By scanning a unique QR code on a purchase receipt, the user can easily import his grocery list and the corresponding packaging, classified by type and weight. The user can therefore follow the evolution of his consumption over time and try to improve it. In order to reduce his carbon footprint, advice and equivalent products with lighter or greener packaging. Distributors of these eco-responsible products will be able to promote them on the platform with ads, thus making it possible to finance and then make the project profitable.

Thanks to their transversal engineering and management training, the 6 students from the MSc Innovation, Creation & Entrepreneurship (Antoine AUBRY-DAMON, Michèle BARTH, Thomas CAZOR, Pierre LAVOINE, Adrien PARE and Anthony ROUX) have developed a technological and commercial offer while taking into account the user's point of view.

Adrien Paré explains that: "The search for a viable and feasible solution in less than a year aimed at raising awareness of global warming and eco-irresponsibility was very stimulating. This allowed us to apply everything we learn in Master ICE. Then having the opportunity to pitch in front of two of DevoTeam's management, and representatives of SurfRider and Redhat, was a very good exercise for us. Seeing that our idea pleases strengthens us in our will to go further and carry out this project. Moreover, we will be presenting TIMEO on 15 December at the Cité des Sciences and also in March at the Made fair in Paris. Participating in this type of competition involves working during your free time but is a very rewarding experience. We truly hope to have the opportunity to continue on this path!"