8 good reasons to choose EPF

Mis à jour le 12/01/2024
Are you interested in studying engineering at EPF? Discover 8 good reasons to join one of our campuses!
8 bonnes raisons de choisir l'EPF Engineering School pour ses études d'ingénieur

1. With 3 engineering programs and 2 bachelor's degrees, there is bound to be a course made for you!

EPF offers various degree programs from bac+3 to bac+5. An EPF engineering degree is accessible through 3 programs: the General Engineering Program, the Apprenticeship Program and the Joint Franco-German Program in collaboration with the Hochschule University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

The 2 bachelor's degrees offered at EPF combine theory and practice with work-study programs for rapid integration into the job market. From energy performance management to information systems, you will be trained in the jobs for which employers are recruiting.


2. 9 majors to achieve your career objectives

To further enhance your skills, the General Engineering Program opens the door to 9 majors from the 4th year:


3. A CTI accreditation and a CGE label

EPF is an engineering school recognized by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI) and is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE). The CTI and the CGE are organizations that guarantee the quality of the school's teaching and its programs, as well as the recognition of its degrees by companies and the job market.


4. A committed and responsible school

Founded in 1925 by Marie-Louise PARIS, EPF was one of the first schools to open up scientific careers to women and the first to graduate women engineers. For nearly 100 years, the school has pursued this mission and is proud to welcome one of the highest proportions of women to its engineering programs. Today, more than 35% of EPF students are female.

EPF's commitment extends beyond the feminization of the engineering profession, and is also illustrated in the diversity and inclusion of the students who join the school.

5. An excellent employability rate

With 91,4% of our graduates finding their job within 3 months of leaving the school, EPF students benefit from one of the highest professional integration rates. The internships that students undertake throughout the 5 years prepare them to quickly enter the job market.

This successful integration is also the result of EPF’s strong ties with companies. With a network of 14,000 alumni, EPF has more than 600 partner companies that assist in the training of engineering students by taking part in classes, proposing projects with concrete methods, or by participating in career events organized on campus.

6. A strong entrepreneurial culture

EPF encourages its students' entrepreneurial initiatives by offering them an environment conducive to business creation and by supporting them in their projects. A day dedicated to entrepreneurship is organized each year to help students develop their business creation project through workshops and alumni experiences.

Students on the Paris-Cachan campus can also participate in the school's Junior-Enterprise, EPF Projets, which has been among the top 30 Junior-Enterprises in France for 9 years. On the Troyes and Montpellier campuses, EPF Troyes Consulting, Junior-Initiative, and EPF Sud Conseil, Junior-Création, are associations that share the same values and the same taste for entrepreneurship.

7. 4 campuses in the heart of French towns

EPF’s campuses are located right in the heart of major towns and thus offer a stimulating environment for study and student life. The campuses are built on a human scale, promoting exchange and interaction between students and teachers. In Paris-Cachan, Troyes, Montpellier or Saint-Nazaire, you will thrive in dynamic towns where it feels good to live and study!


8. Dynamic student associations

With more than 50 student associations in all fields (humanitarian work, art, sports, technology, etc.), EPF students have many opportunities to get involved in the life of the school, develop values of commitment and leadership and teamwork skills. Associations bring the campuses to life and their events mark key moments of the year (galas, ski trips, multi-campus tournaments, etc.).